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Gryphon Company History

Gryphon Systems, Inc. President and CEO Joseph Magid., a veteran information technology (IT) consultant, founded the company in 1991 with the purpose of improving IT practitioners' and MIS departments' ability to meet real business needs. Originally the company focused on:

During the first third of the 1990's Gryphon Systems completed analysis, design, system model audit and structured methods training engagements with a variety of public and private sector clients. In order to fulfill the company's purpose, however, the nature and scope of Gryphon's consulting work began to expand to encompass more of the underlying issues preventing its clients from fully leveraging the skills and tools Gryphon Systems provided. Ultimately this shift resulted in a new purpose and a new product and service mix.

A key turning point came in 1994 when Gryphon Systems took on a major Information Technology (IT) strategic planning engagement and, schooled in the value of automated tools to support complex activities, embarked on an unsuccessful search for a commercial strategic planning software package. Gryphon's consultants were forced to muddle through, much as every one else in the strategic planning arena, by cobbling together a number of disparate tools. Later that year, the company uncovered the existence of a strategy documentation and analysis tool conceptualized and developed for in-house use by a large Philadelphia based company.

In the summer of 1994, Gryphon Systems acquired this precursor to Strategy Roundtable™ and utilized it as a prototype. Throughout 1995, Gryphon Systems solicited feedback from a wide variety of organizations and strategic planning consultants. Based on this feedback, and with guidance from the experienced strategic planners at Avalon Consulting Group and Strategy Implementation Solutions, Gryphon Systems built Strategy Roundtable™.

Since its initial commercial release in the fall of 1996, Strategy Roundtable™ has been introduced at a number of influential organizations including Motorola, Guckenheimer Enterprises, Inc., the ALTESS and FORSCOM groups of the US Army, the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.

Today, Gryphon Systems works closely with its affiliates to offer our clients a comprehensive management consulting capability coupled with state-of-the-art strategic management software.